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Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Business Bankruptcy, Restructuring and Creditor Representation

At Chipman Brown Cicero & Cole, LLP, our attorneys advise small, mid-market and large multi-national companies in restructuring and insolvency proceedings in Delaware and courts throughout the nation. Thanks to our decades of experience at some of the largest firms in the world, we are well-versed in business and corporate bankruptcy and restructuring alternatives, both in and out of court. Because we are a small firm, we can offer our restructuring services at more affordable rates than those of the large law firms from which we came.

In addition to handling restructuring assignments for troubled companies, our client base includes boards of directors, investors, lenders, trustees, purchasers and creditors of companies that are in distress or in bankruptcy proceedings. Our lawyers work with these clients to achieve the best results possible under the circumstances in an efficient and effective manner.

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