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Corporate Counseling

Legal Counsel for Corporate Formation and Governance

Corporate officers and others in positions of authority in a corporation are responsible for smooth operations, legal compliance and overall governance. Such decision-makers realize the value of ongoing legal advice.

Chipman Brown Cicero & Cole, LLP, provides reliable legal counsel and advocacy throughout a corporation’s life cycle: from formation to daily operations, to sale, dissolution or business divorce. Underpinning our services is the desire to learn the core aspects of a client’s business so that we can provide the personalized advice that is necessary in today’s business environment. Through this understanding, we typically find that continuity and trust in the attorney-client relationship naturally follows.

Assisting Business Entities with Compliance and More

Our advisory work includes counsel for both corporate and alternative business entities, such as limited liability companies and partnerships. We provide formation advice, prelitigation advice and specific transaction advice.

Assisting Business Entities with Risk Management and Dispute Resolution

Our highly qualified team of attorneys has accumulated extensive experience in all legal facets of business management. Our first goal as lawyers is to help clients avoid problem scenarios. When disputes arise, however, our experienced trial attorneys provide critical guidance to our clients who must navigate dispute resolution. Should litigation become inevitable, we offer a robust corporate and alternative entity litigation practice.

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