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Governance & Risk Management

Navigating Risks in Corporate Governance

Based on our years of experience and a large portfolio of successful outcomes, we counsel directors, officers and managers of Delaware business organizations regarding governance and oversight in connection with a variety of complex business transactions. We provide the insight and direction that our clients need when facing scrutiny from various stakeholders in connection with contemplated, pending or completed transactions.

Our lawyers at Chipman Brown Cicero & Cole, LLP, are well-positioned to provide litigation risk assessment because they have a breadth of experience litigating complex corporate governance and fiduciary duty issues in Delaware’s state and federal courts. We often bring fresh insights directly from the courtroom to the boardroom that enable officers and boards of directors to navigate the ever-changing legal landscape.

Business transactions typically hold the promise of gains for both sides of the equation. Along with these benefits, however, there are inherent risks. Ongoing legal advice is essential for any business or corporation seeking to avoid pitfalls. Chipman Brown Cicero & Cole, LLP, provides prelitigation risk assessments in anticipation of pending business transactions that might expose either party to losses and liability.

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